Whitfield Assessors Office is conducting 2022 Digest Field Checks

The Whitfield County Assessors Office is currently conducting property visits for the 2022 digest year. By Georgia tax law, the date of assessment for any given tax year is the 1st of January.

Property visits are a normal course of business for the appraisal staff. Staff appraisers visit 1/3rd of their assigned parcels every year. They also visit any permits active in their areas, picking up any new buildings in Whitfield County. These field checks allow the staff to have the most accurate depiction of each parcel in Whitfield County. It also assists management and our data analysts to identify trends in the market and allow for equalization across the tax digest, which enables us to have a fair and equitable for the tax payers of Whitfield County and its municipalities.

If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us. The easiest way to contact us is to drop us a line on our contact us page or call our office at (706) 275-7410. We’re always happy to help you at our office too. We’re at 303 W. Waugh St, in the Ed Staten Building, next to the Krystal.