When can parcels be combined?

• Parcels can be combined for tax purposes from January 1st through April 1st of each year. Parcels may also be combined each year during the 45-day appeal period listed on your annual notice of assessment.

What criteria must be met to have parcels combined?

• Parcels must be owned as of January 1st of the year one applies for a combination.
• Ownership on all parcels must be an exact match. If John Doe wants to combine a property he and his wife owns into a property he only owns, the Assessors Office will not combine the properties together.
• Parcels must be contiguous.
• Zoning must be an exact match.
• If a parcel is under mortgage terms, we will not combine properties without the lenders approval.

How can I combine my properties?

• By visiting our office and willing out the appropriate form, between January 1st and April 1st in a given tax year.

Will recording a property survey automatically combine my property?

• No. You must fill out the proper paperwork at our office.

What if one or more of my parcels are under a conservation assessment, can I combine them into one parcel?

• If this applies, please contact the Special Assessment Appraiser in our office before attempting to combine properties.