Specialized Exemption & Homestead Applications Due

Applications for specialized assessments, such as Conservation Use and Preferential Assessments, and tax-exempt property are due to the Assessors Office on April 1st. April 1st is also the deadline for Homestead Exemptions. However, to apply, you must visit the Tax Commissioners office. For more information, call the Tax Commissioners office at 706-275-7510 or visit their […]

Personal Property Tax Returns Due

Returns are due on all Personal Property Accounts on April, 1st 2021. We recommend using our E-Returns Portal by clicking the Personal Property E-Returns Icon on the quick links menu. Below is a video tutorial for the E-Returns portal. If you need assistance, feel free to call our Personal Property Office at (706) 275-7410.

Date of Assessment (2022 Digest)

The Date of Assessment for the 2022 Digest is on Saturday, January 1st, 2022. The date of assessment is found in the state constitution.